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Reputation Management Blog

3 Proactive Steps to Managing Your Business' Online Reputation

If you run a business of some kind, you may have come across the advise that it's better to be proactive than reactive. This is true indeed and perhaps even more so with your online reputation. For relatively new businesses, a few negative reviews may be all it takes to bring them down even before they take off.  Most consumers today have the luxury of being able to compare products and services and read reviews about them before buying. For this reason, it's important to monitor all the places where you're business is likely to be reviewed, such as Google Reviews, Trusted Pilot and Yelp.


Ask for reviews


One bad review can do so much to hurt your reputation, while a few good reviews can inspire confidence in your brand. Many consumers don't leave reviews though, but they might be willing to leave a positive review if you ask them. You may also offer incentives for leaving reviews, but on condition that the incentives are disclosed to the public. So next time you interact with a customer through private message on social media or via live chat, don't forget to ask for a review. Also be sure to respond to both positive and negative feedback in a positive way. Don't react negatively to a bad review, but rather reach out to the customer to try and address the issue they're having with your service/product.


Allocate money for reputation management


So many business owners do not consider investing in protecting their reputation. After all, there are taxes, maintenance expenditure and marketing costs to be taken care of. But what good is all this if your reputation is going down the drain. Failing to manage your reputation may mean not being able to attract new business, and consequently stagnating. Whether or not the negative opinions shared about your brand are justified, they're still likely to hurt your business. With a budget, you can hire a professional online reputation management company at to help prevent problems before they even pop occur.


Publish great content


Too many companies today are still publishing terrible content on their blogs at and social media. But content is king, and it's actually one of the best ways to win new customers. You content should focus on addressing the needs of the customer, by answering some FAQs with well-written content, plus videos whenever possible. As your customers get the answers they need, they are not only likely to buy from you, but the sales cycle also shortens.